The Star-Crossed Isles


A thousand years ago, the Star-Crossed Isles were found. Who found them precisely, well, there is the famous human explorer Isos Toren who mapped much of it. The elves claim the fey have long come here to play their strange games. And the Delfinar have certainly violently laid claim to whatever they can get their hands on. But many point to the ruins that litter the landscape, and to the mysterious builders that came before.


Because they are the crossroads for many worlds, the technology of the Star-Crossed Isles is relatively refined. Reason has come to redefine many fields. For example, though medicine is still largely dominated by religious healing and its ilk, some understanding of “minute swarms” of disease has begun to arise.

Sailing is highly advanced as well, with a inkling of “the sea of the air” and refined mathematics putting together more impressive ships. The peculiarites of astronomy about the Star-Crossed Isles have also led to the development of some particularly odd navigational equipment, as well as more common things such as spyglasses and their ilk. Travel, otherwise, still relies on beasts of burden, be they horses, riding dogs, or stranger things.

Metallurgy is fairly advanced as well, refining new alloys, weapons, and tools impossible on many other worlds. Blades can be crafted to a very fine, durable edge, though expense and time means most armor and weapons are only incrementally better. After all, it is still smithies putting them out, and even the largest of them is still reliant on a strong back.

The creation of moveable type has born out the printed book. Runs generally do not go above the hundreds, though, as few other than scholars and the wealthy have truly warmed to them. Religious texts are still traditionally done by hand – “Gods do not guide the printing plate”, or so the saying goes.

The Star-Crossed Isles

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