The Star-Crossed Isles is a private campaign for the Fantasy Craft system.

For a thousand years, the Star-Crossed Isles has drawn settlers, traders, and visitors from many different worlds. The natural phenomena here can pull people and… things from other lands, but there are also constructed portals, remnants of a lost civilization, that cross into other planes. Many of these have been discovered and mastered, giving relatively reliable access to myriad worlds, while others remain undiscovered. Some still have secrets even after their discovery, remaining locked or unreliable.

Still, the Isles themselves are a green land of tall, rocky hills and deep, forested valleys, the natural life here worn away by a millennia of importation and invasion pre-dating their discovery. Sages point to primitive mosses and strange, armored bugs as the only known native life. The seas remain more true to the native fauna, with a wide variety of armored fish, mollusks, and shellfish. This includes the dreaded dunkle, a terror to any who ply the seas. Of course, there are other things that have settled in the wild, from circles of fey to alien,ravening terrors.

With so much trade and access to hundreds or thousands of worlds, there is a constant struggle for the land. It is not one a visitor or trader might notice, but a quiet conflict. Currently, the Regency Council runs matters governmental in the place of a now-extinct monarchy. The Evenscale Moneylending Consortium represents a roost of dragons who have become the foremost bank in the land. And the Worldwalker Trading Company claims many of the more reliable or important portals, charging tolls and tariffs. And between them are a myriad of churches, secret societies, brotherhoods, and syndicates that would all have the ear, coin, or soul of each person in the multiverse.

In the isles, there is both reward and risk beyond that might be found almost anywhere else. There are ancient ruins with deadly defenses, troubles from a thousand worlds, and an endless set of frontiers to explore. The isles are a bedeviled land, and it relies on those both brave and foolish to preserve them.

Welcome to the Star-Crossed Isles!

The Star-Crossed Isles